Sunday, June 29, 2014

Plant Walk - June 29, 2014

I went on my first Plant Walk at Sutter's Landing Park in Sacramento, with Northern California Wild Edible Plant Foraging Society! It was very hot, but I enjoyed the hike. I learned quite a few new plants and was reminded of some others. I looked most of them up online when I got home and hope I labeled them correctly ... there are a couple I'm still unsure of. I'll correct them as I learn more.
Goathead; Tribulus terrestris
Wild Mustard; Brassica campestris
Yellow Star Thistle; Centaurea solstitialis
California Poppy; Eschscholzia californica
Blue Elderberry; Sambucus cerulea
California Wild Grape; Vitis californica
Common Chicory; Cichorium intybus
Common Horehound; Marrubium vulgare
White Oak; Quercus alba ?
Fennel; Foenichulum vulgare
Mugwort; Artemisia douglasiana
Jimson Weed; Datura wrightii
Curly Dock; Rumex crispus
California Blackberry; Rubus ursinus
Black Cottonwood; Populus trichocarpa
Arroyo Willow; Salix lasiolepsis
Box Elder; Acer negundo
Horsetail; Equisetum hyemale
Horseweed; Conyza canadensis
Wild Lettuce; Lactuca virosa
Prickly Lettuce; Lactuca serriola
Wild Radish; Raphanus sativus - seed pods
Wild Radish/Star Thistle/Wild Oats
California Wild Oats; Avena fatua
Lamb's Quarter; Chenopodium album
Coyote Tobacco; Nicotiana attenuata
Black Nightshade; Solanum nigrum
Wild Radish; Raphanus sativus - flowers
Black Walnut; Juglans californica
California Wild Rose; Rosa californica
Black Locust; Robinia pseudoacacia
California Brome Grass; Bromus carinatus
Poison Hemlock; Conium maculatum
Southern Catalpa; Catalpa bignonioides
Canada Geese
Epazote; Dysphania ambrosioides
Campion; ?
Himalayan Blackberry; Rubus armeniacus

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Email Photo Scavenger Hunt - April

So, as usual, I seem to be doing this last-minute! I'm waiting for the A/C service guy to show up for the yearly maintenance. So, I went around the house to scavenge these illusive pics!

1 - A child's toy in an unlikely place:
I love chimpanzees. I've had this little guy for about 30 years, I think. There used to be a party and craft warehouse (The Wishing Well) in Sacramento and we went there a lot for cheap craft items. I saw him and had to have him. He is now sitting up on top of my wardrobe in an old gold prize cup that one of my mice won at a rodent show ... about 30 years ago! I'm a packrat - the little zebra off to the side, I've had since I was a baby. I think one of my cousin's won him at a fair for me ... 51 years ago ...

2 - Something you think is wasteful:
Toilet paper! I rarely use it anymore. I use washable cloths and water most of the time, now.

3 - Something very ordinary:
Raw sunflower seeds that I'm snacking on.

4 - Something with sharp edges:
Lots of little sharp edges on the cheese grater/mandolin.

5 - A thrift store or yard sale find you love:
My mom bought this picture for me at Denio's Farmers Market about 25 years ago. It is still one of the biggest flea markets in Northern CA. Even though it is an English Setter puppy, it still reminds me of my Cocker Spaniels that I had back then. Quinn and Gemini were still puppies when I got it.

6 - Photo taken from your kitchen/back door or window:
This picture was taken from our sliding glass door and looks out at part of our back yard.

I hope you enjoyed my pics!
Kim Moreno

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Photo Of Your Country #1 email swap

I took these pictures today as I traveled my route to and from work (I'm a merchandiser and travel to several towns in the area to service my store displays.)
First, I went to the farm where I buy my milk and eggs. This is one of their ponies.
This is the sign at the entrance to their driveway.
After I took the milk and eggs home, I stopped at the little manmade wildlife pond down the road from us. I sometimes take my little dog Nikky for walks around it (the path around the pond is separated by a high chain-link fence.) There are a lot of waterfowl who use it as a resting area on their travels. Various ducks, loons, songbirds, Canada geese and the occasional heron. There are 2 small islands in the middle of the pond.

This is one of the paths that is fenced off and only county vehicles can access it.
Then, it was time to go to the next town over, Davis, to get some things at the Co-op. I pass this Freisian horse ranch several times a week. The area I live in still has a lot of open fields and agriculture. Lots of small farms and some bigger ranches.
I zoomed in with my camera on the previous scene and you can see three of the Freisians. They are beautiful.
My favorite store! The Davis Food Co-op! The Big Tomato is their landmark. Davis has a reputation as pro-bike. Many bicycles on the roads and always places to park them!
This is at the entrance to the Co-op parking lot. This sign is a salute to the very first food co-op in England.
This clock is also at the entrance to the co-op parking lot and was erected in 1994 to celebrate 100 years of cooperatives in Davis (not just food co-ops, but others as well.
This mosaic carrot was added to the parking lot last year. It's kind of cool. The logo for the co-op was a carrot in a fist before it was the big tomato!
After I left the co-op, I headed toward Sacramento. I stopped at the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area. I've been in this area most of my life. This area was all rice paddies when I was growing up. But, in the '90s I moved to Florida. When I moved back here in 2000, this was here. But, even though I pass over it (the Bypass is Highway 80) several times a week, I had never been in it! I took the plunge today!
I only traveled a very small part of the Area. But, I found that it is free access during daylight hours, so I will definitely be back in the future!

In the distance is part of the skyline of Sacramento as seen from the wildlife area.
This is Tule grass and is very common along the rivers and other waterways in this part of the Sacramento Valley.
Some waterfowl I scared when I was leaving the wildlife area. They had been on the roadway.
After work, I traveled up I-5 from Sacramento back home to Woodland. I pass the Sacramento International Airport. It is still surrounded by farmland, surprisingly.
After I crossed over the Sacramento River, I turned off onto the Old River Road. Before freeways, this was the main road between Sacramento and Woodland. I prefer using it rather than I-5. A lot less traffic. This is one of the railroad trestles that cross Tule Canal.
That is the Coastal Range in the distance beyond Woodland, taken from the Old River Road.
This is an off-shoot of the Tule Canal. Normally, there are a lot of fisherman fishing from the side of the road. But, I am not sure what the heck that brown stuff on the surface of the water is!!! Some kind of algae bloom, I suppose. That is my car parked on the other side of the road in the distance.

I hope you enjoyed my tour today!